About Clash of Clans tips, cheats and hacks


Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game anywhere in between the RTS and turn-based roaming. It grow up with your clan does a bit on titles like Farmville and Hay Day without thinking you are only concerned with the birds and the bees. Ultimately, there must also be a bit of fight and we will explain to you how you’d come back the best from this game.

First we download

Do you Clash of Clans of developer Supercell yet? Download it first at iTunes or Google Play . The game is both free. Versions for PC, Mac, are not yet. Or to come it is still unknown.

The purpose of Clash of Clans

The purpose of Clash of Clans is that of course you are going to be the most notorious player in the world and that your village also contains everything you can get in the game. The largest buildings, the strongest fighters and the sturdiest walls. Success!

optimum start

When you start, you immediately get a shield around your village. A shield prevents other players can attack you. You start shield gives three days protection. How you can make best use of these?

Build and grow

Because no one will fall in three days you get, I would give me the first two days no worry about the security of your village. Unless of course you’re overconfident and that one with a weak army will start fights online …

You start with a single site office for a construction worker, but to build a second almost immediately. Ideal.A third will cost 500 crystals. These crystals can be purchased with real euros, or very slowly earn in the game. Do you have enough patience, buy those green gems or not, but just wait until you have enough. You remember that the developer is doing his best to also earn some so that salaries can be paid ;-).

So start right away to build mines and elixir pumps. Gold and Elixir are the two commodities where it’s all about. Without these raw materials is not your village from the ground, but you can not produce troops.Because the storage capacity of the mines and pumps is limited, you should also gold vaults and build elixir tanks. By upgrading a timely manner, you do not really need much. Consider your namely that most attacks will focus on these stocks. So if you have two of them on the map, you’ve got to come out.

Want meanwhile still start fighting, you can do it offline. Due to attacks on the right to attack a troll camp, maintaining your shield. It also allows you to practice with your troops to break through different types of camps. Handy!

Day 3, the ideal starting defense

On the third day it will be interesting to build your defense. At the end of the day void your shield and then it does not take long before the first opponent tries to take your booty.

It is convenient to your stocks in the middle of the camp sites and pop then immediately a wall around it.The wall can be upgraded. Do this as soon as possible. When an opponent throws a Wall Breaker on a wooden wall, there is a hole in right away. 1,000 coins per wall, you can upgrade it to rock and from there you can make things even more. A stone wall is really the basis for a good defense.

Pop immediately to your wall down your guns and surrounded by other buildings. Yes, the chance that the enemy will soon demolish buildings is huge, but that’s okay. While enemy troops are on the demolition, your artillery will take them under fire. This gives you more time and opportunities to overcome the attacking army.

On the screenshot above you can see a beautiful model starting from a level 5 player. You can see that to replenish an inner state with a loose wall around the gun and City Hall. Where the inner wall adjacent to the outside of the village, he is already working on the strengthening of the walls. It will be one large wall, it would break the wall on a single spot, immediately expose the whole camp. Your enemies have only a short time to commit their attacks, so try to make things as difficult as possible.


But what fails when your defense? That will occur regularly. You get back a shield up to 16 hours to your camp going. This shield ensures that you can recover things. Restore is not much more work than simply logging into the game. Then you have plenty of time to adjust your defense. The game shows a clear repetition of the attack so that you can learn from this. Handy!


Careers in Clash of Clans you do by winning trophies. This gathering other players in their town hall. Yes, you too, so make ultimately that your hall is safe. As you win more trophies, your status grows enormously.To get the bronze division have you needed 400. Championclass owns 3,200 trophies.

As you win more trophies, the game will also put across difficult opponents. With only win not so war. Your village must continue to grow.

By providing your town hall upgrades you get more construction opportunities. Additionally, you can at the present time building the barbarian king and queen archers. These can not only attack others, but also protect your village. Handy!

Building Troops Power

In the barracks, it is possible to produce all the basic forces. In the beginning, you really only need one barracks. So do not waste too much resources.

Forces you train, are housed in the training camp. This has a certain capacity, eg 25. A simple barbarian housing takes one point. There you there so you 25 to make, but you quickly win no wars anymore. A giant is also quite interesting, but who needs 5 accommodation places while a wall breaker should have two.

So you go quickly to a second camp and remember to upgrade them so they contain more housing points.

The troops can be equipped with upgrades. This gives them more clout, but also better shields. For this you need to build a laboratory for example. A first upgrade easily cost 50,000 elixir, but it’s worth it.

In addition to a lab, you can also build a factory spell. Besides conducting research to strengthen your troops, do these little else.

dark forces

You’re advanced, you can inflate dark elixir with special pumps. These should also in special containers. By building on a dark barracks, you can train and dark forces that are very much stronger.

Get more free gems

Although you can buy gems, there are other ways to get free of gemstones. To allow your village many trees, stones, flowers and other unwanted stuff. Demolish that bite! It will cost you some gold and elixir, but every now and then you get free gems in return. This number runs smoothly on.

Every now and then there is also a large pot of gems in your field. With accompanying rain loop. A beautiful sight and very likely it is worthwhile to bring your hardhat work to clean up the pot. But then you have so 25 additional gems in your pocket. You Can Use This Clash Of Clans gems hack tool to get free Gems, Gold & Elixirs.

Benefits of a clan

To get to a clan, you have to build the clan castle. This will cost you 40,000 gold pieces and a lot of hours of work.

The advantage of a clan, is that you can strengthen each other for example by sending troops to another. In addition, you can discuss mutually tactics. Since all players are stronger.

Clash of Clans Cheats

Really cheating in Clash of Clans seems impossible. Every now and then there is a bug in the game that allows abuse. Developer Supercell will then soon with updates for the game. Because everything is online, Supercell can reverse certain actions. Want to be the first to know about bugs that are exploited to grow quickly in the game, it is convenient to the forums of Clash of Clans to monitor.

Clash of Clans Hacks

We see that there is much wanted to hacks for Clash of Clans. There are many sites that claim to have good hacks to add instance gems to your account. Because Clash of Clans contains an online transaction system, this type of fraud (the gems are a virtual currency, so you call it that) to track smoothly. If it is already possible to manipulate the system.

What do the many hacks then? Clash of Clans hacks are especially popular among hackers, etc. to spread viruses. So be extremely careful and check first in Google or large groups of users are confirming that something works.

10 tips for beautiful experience FIFA 16 players


EA has released many tips for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, but it hurts a little edge never, therefore we are going to list some tips to help you play well in the new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft mode and Building a finely tuned squad. FUT Draft is the latest addition to the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team will test your team building skills as you choose the best fit for each position of a five-player draw. Let us explain 10 awesome tips for your beautiful FIFA 16 Gaming Experience.

10. Knuckleball Freekick

The “knuckleball” or the “falling leaf” is a way of taking free kicks, the ball goes high over the wall and then very suddenly begins to sink or makes a strange twist. Just think of Cristiano Ronaldo and goals from Kevin De Bruyne in Andorra and at home against Israel. In FIFA 16 you use this technique best on a free kick about 25 meters from the goal. Aim your shot so that the outer wall player in the flush state of the pole and aim between the two players in the outer wall. During the stairs hold L1 (Play Station) / LB (XBox) pressed. For added effect you move with the left stick, for extra power you hold the left stick upwards.

9. Fake Pass

a fake pass’ is a very effective feint, where in you have to have fast thumbs. Briefly press the shoot button, and then as soon as possible pass button. That way you put to fake the defense in the wind by a shot / pass. It is important to utilize the space is released as soon as possible with a gearbox, shot or pass true.

8. Sweater pull

With this method you can slow an attacker do much but pull sweater rather quickly punished in the game. So use it not too long and certainly not within the sixteen or players who have already booked. If the attacker’s gear deployment, follow him and pressure while X / A. If you then press O / B button, you pull on his sweater.

7. Dummy Pass

This too is a kind of feint, these must be used when the pressure is high, but there is still room in the back. If you are being played, then hold just before receiving the pass R1 / RB button. The ball will pass through the legs, and the players running and the action can continue. This way you can pass a defender without touching the ball.

6. Jockeying

In this way the defense is about ensuring defender to make it as broad as possible and to keep the attackers out of harm. The way is pretty simple: just hold LT / L2 button and aim you to the attacker. In this way it becomes more difficult to dribble the defender and can put yourself or shots easier afblokken.

5. Teammate containers

Especially when you’re at a disadvantage, it is important to put pressure on the ball as much as possible when defending. But it is very difficult to do this without giving away too much space. With teammate containers you can defend at the same time with two players. By R1 / RB hold during the defense, the player who is closest to the ball, except the player you control yourself, put pressure on the attacker with the ball. Very efficient when you’re on the right used way. And that is through your own player’s playback capabilities are trying to hold tight while your team mate simply going to put pressure on the ball. Be aware of the space that comes free in the back of the defenders.

4. Celebrate with camera and banking

FIFA 16 was again working hard on ways in which goals can be celebrated. Now you can even provoke interaction with the cameraman or the substitutes. The way is pretty simple, just by walking to a camera or the bank. FIFA will then automatically perform a dance of joy. When you have scored with a clumsy player, try to L2 / LT to hold and push the right stick to the left twice.

3. Loop lines at corners

The corner kick is an important weapon, also in FIFA 16. It is not always easy to get quite an appropriate topper, for that you can rely on the standard loop lines. Due to a corner pushing down on the D-pad (arrows), are there are four tactics. So you can choose where the Koppers going to walk and it is easier to place your ball. You can practice this best ever before using them in an important match.

2. Scorpion Kick

A great way to finish with the attacker to dive for the ball and finished with his heel. However, this trick is not given to everyone. Only players who ‘Flair’, as a specialty, such as Zlatan or Neymar, will carry them to. When will a suitable ball, then hold L2 / LT button, the attacker will create an unprecedented action.

1. Rabona Freekick

When Rabona the player kicks the ball with his foot behind the leg, which makes for very spectacular goals. Rabona on a free kick is fantastic to see, all depends on FIFA 16 a special condition attached to it. Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player who can perform it. It also succeeds also only on a free kick to the left of the goal. Ideally, a free kick into the half moon. Hold the left stick right button and push down on stairs. With luck you score a goal where the opponent can only watch with drooling at the mouth.

What you can do with the new Snap Chat update

Snapchat tips and tricks

Snap Chat  has received a major update and spoiler alert: it’s awesome. The update comes with many new options, such as tools for selfies, in-app purchases, a trophy case and more.Let’s see then what you can do with it.

Selfie tools

Perhaps the most important and coolest addition is selfie tools. The so-called lenses ensure that you can give your selfies variety of special effects. If you are creating a selfie, keep your finger on your face. At the bottom is a row of special effects. Follow the instructions and voila, selfies 2.0. And it works not only photos but also videos!

There are now seven effects, but according to Snap Chat there will be many more. There might even be one effect per day to come for all your needs selfie. Avalon performs as before:

For best results, you should look straight into the camera and you may need to take off your glasses. The lenses have see about trouble with the difference between glasses and eyeballs.

Friend emojis improved

Vriendenemojis which we have for a while, but now there is an easy guide. Snap Chat move emojis with the people you like the snapshot to describe your relationship with them. Sliced ​​so that you now know exactly what it all means. You can find it in your settings (upper right when you get down swipet). Under the heading of additional services, manage state. Then press emojis friend and tada!

Additional replays

How irritating is it that you Snaps only once a day to see again? Yes, horribly annoying. But Snap Chat has found a solution, even though not everyone will be completely satisfied with it.You can now buy new because replays.

But even with the paid replays you Snaps repeat once, so you should use them or at separate Snaps.

Trophy Case

A somewhat idler but no less funny addition, the trophy case. If you go down swipet, you’ll see at the top of a cup. For each performance, for example to reach a certain score or use a particular function, you get a trophy in the shape of an emoji.

What you do about it? It seems that you have absolutely nothing to get, except of course the satisfaction and honor. Here you will find a list of all emojis you can get. As with the lenses Snap Chat will likely add more trophies, so you always have something to Snap.

Snapchat Account Hack

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