Dark Souls 3, discover the best first class to start simple


Dark Souls 3, discover the best first class to start simple

Dark Souls 3 is already among us and craved time to start your adventure has come to an end. It is certainly one of the candidates for GOTY of the year, which has earned thanks to the great saga that load in the back. Dark Souls became famous largely for its challenging difficulty , and this new delivered is not a exception.

Many new players tried to play the first two titles in the series after becoming known, but his tough difficulty curve caused many of these desist in the attempt . It is true that Dark Souls 3 is still a challenge, but the initial areas have become much more accessible to both new players adapt to the saga, as we do the old to the new combat mechanics.

Now in Dark Souls there is always an initial class that makes us the simplest things, and here it would not be an exception. Much choice this time, but certainly the one that makes the start easier is the Pyromancer . Thanks to the new mechanics of concentration and jars of ashes, the amount of piromancias we can do is very high, allowing us to eliminate the most annoying enemies from afar and without getting in excessive danger.

Dark Souls 3, discover the best first class to start simple..

With eight initial level the Pyromancer begins with catorces points equally in faith and intelligence , its most developed branches. We will also have twelve points in strength, which will allow us to do much damage with their initial ax, but on the contrary have little life, with only eight initial points. It is certainly a very good start to build, because we have a lot of damage with our piromancias and the ability to learn both spells and miracles from the beginning.

Dark Souls 3, discover the best first class to start simple.

Finally I recommend yes You use this class bear a combination of two estus bottles and two bottles of ash , since the concentration will need recharging if or if to continue using the piromancias. Besides this, you must be very careful because you have so little life killed in a few strokes, and when I say few are two or three, so andaros with eye.






The Incursion so Battleborn will test your skills both offensive and defensive in full combat zone. Get ready to destroy sentinels!

Objective – is very simple: lead your minions into enemy territory, fight your way up to two sentry robots and destroy them. The tricky part is to get to them.

What is it that gets in your way? For the other team, whose goal is the same. The game is to find the balance between defending your territory and escort your attacking minions.


A quick look at Incursion:

  • Do not lose sight of your goal. Each elimination EXP grant you, but your main targets are the two giant sentry drones spider enemies on the other side of the map.
  • The first sentry drone enemy is located just past the middle of the map. The second, larger, sentry drone is on the other side of the map, near the base of the enemy team. The game ends when the sentry drone base is destroyed. Each sentinel is marked on the minimap with a shield icon.
  • Destroy groups large and small slivers to collect splinters . Small groups are present from the start of the game, while large appear and reappear two minutes two minutes after being destroyed.
  • Use slivers to buy buildable structures tactics to find strategic points on the map. Once purchased, you can use more chips to improve these structures and make them more efficient and resistant to enemy attacks. The buildable structures become available for purchase about 20 seconds after being destroyed.
    • Automatic Turrets
      Turrets have different types of offensive weaponry and attack any enemy in his sights, whether bailiffs or Battleborn.
    • Since healing
      The healing since health regenerates continuously around to the team who bought it.
    • Accelerators
      Accelerators enhance the speed of Battleborn allies and bailiffs to pass by them.
    • Superesbirros
      The superesbirros can be purchased at computer base. Well worth its price in slivers: grant additional firepower to your computer thanks to its ability to receive and inflict more damage than the other henchmen.


Tips and tricks:

  • Remember that the goal is to penetrate the enemy line and destroy their sentry drones. As tempting as it may be, do not give priority to Battleborn enemies.
  • Coordinated attacks your computer with the waves of minions and let yours the brunt of the offensive carried.Specialized heroes over long distances can stay behind and help minions to weaken the shield Sentinel. You must be prepared to attack with all your might fall as the shield enemy sentry drone.
  • Use the elevation map to your favor. Specialized heroes over long distances can weaken enemies from afar for his fellow flank and auctioned with ease.
  • The composition of your team matters: offensive attackers are important, but good support or healing can be critical to keep your teammates in the fight. Heroes like Miko, Ambra or Kleese can deploy shields or healing abilities in safe places.
  • Note the election of your peers when choosing your hero. It combines a defensive hero like Montana, Attikus or boldur with a hero support to help keep the front of the battle for longer.
  • Prepare for the attack. Skills such as Air Raid, definitive attack Oscar Mike, are suitable to cause major damage in broad areas. Combined with Stealth ability, you can win the game if you manage to sneak and use an airstrike on the last sentry drone. Other similar heroes you should consider are: Ambra, with its extinction event, and Benedict, with its guided missile Apocabum.
  • Attack with all your strength when you have fallen much of the enemy team and they are waiting to reappear.
  • Edifica, build, build! The struggle for tactical buildable structures is fierce, as they provide strategic advantages and challenges that can change the course of battle. Both teams can buy structures or destroy the enemy.
  • Choose a player to take charge of collecting splinters and buy tactical structures. Contact your team to decide when and where you must buy structures; thus you maximizaréis your offensive and defensive strategy, and optimizaréis spending shrapnel.
  • Servants Hire! At the ends of the map find capture points that allow you to hire mercenaries servants to join your team and fight with you.
  • Do not forget to teleport! Teleportation allows you to quickly return to your base and heal after an intense battle. When, later in the game, the counters of recurrence are higher, more wait compensates for the time required to return to base to be ejected from the game.

TIPS for PIANO TILES 2, the only working hack for the game PIANO TILES 2, free and working



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PIANO TILES 2 Functionality

  • Customizable score
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Piano Tiles 2. jpg

Use the TIPS PIANO TILES 2 Guide

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  3. Add what you want, for the insertion of the value in the box
  4. Press the Start button and wait for the process is completed
Once you have followed these steps, PIANO TILES 2 will have everything you added.

SimCity BuildIt Review, Tips Guide, Help

simcity buildit tips tricks and hack

SimCity is mobile appeared with the suffix “BuildIt” as an app for Android and iOS. This is a message which should please not only friends of Lamas, the build-up play but heard on the PC to the institutions of the genre. The expectations could not be greater. But already looking into the store enough to dampen this somewhat. Given the little word “free” under writing SimCity BuildIt ask experienced players at once: how bad it has become? How much Free to Play has been integrated to the detriment of the game flow to fill the developer Electronic Arts, the POS? Here is our SimCity BuildIt Review with a continuously extended guide with tips and tricks.

High skyscraper, dreamy suburbs in the US style. So one knows Sim City and it presents itself as an app on the screenshots in the stores and can be a joyful. At first glance, everything appears as it was, some identifying features of Sim City can already be seen at the coal power plant again. Nice. Buildings of all kinds are to be built, built roads and manufactured commodities. The very high resolution and freely zoomable / rotatable graphic always fascinates me, I even contented myself with the first match of the output with a plan view. Herrlich – so quickly download the measly megabytes and “lets play” or should I rather say “lets built it”?

Lets built it! Lets Play SimCity BuiltIt! (The first three days in the game)

the player will be greeted by the blonde Mittzwanzigerin Eva. The first item on the agenda should be to build a “dream unique city”, according to EA. Sounds as if the very short game, if that’s the first point.Your advisor knows obviously better with the city planning than the marketing department of the developer. Because it has the same one statement – the connection of your lawn with the highway. A city is not built overnight, but could be the motto anyway, as we shall see later. All in easy and leaves no questions unanswered. The tutorial is all the more successful, as it unlocks new features gradually and not immediately overcharges with menus. Okay, a little more menu should be.

The first residential buildings are now built – but wait. There is no solid buildings as with other City builders, but will be re-declared areas. Nice. The first residential stands and feeding Sims leave as a reward equal to drop a few Simoleons. The currency know Sim players from all titles of the developer.However Drunter shine at BuildIt still a green glow of SimCash which is assigned immediately to the construction of the first small factory and the store for building supplies its role as an accelerator and disconnect switch. With every action, there is also the lilac experience points, which are displayed next to the city’s population as the top left Level.

Each of the residential areas can now be gradually improved by the player. For raw materials but are necessary. As with other apps can they make themselves or buy from other players. Friends in SimCity BuiltIt caused her added by Facebook. At higher levels the needs of the population grow. So they need parks, electricity, water, fire protection, sewage and other services, which are satisfied with building.

The first few minutes in the game is not completed by visiting a virtual neighbor. When Heinz commercially Depot ye shopping. Now the designation of your city, which can be changed via the settings without money takes place. You must first administrative building to build a the community center and you are pleased with the increasing population.

In the following days, I climbed up level by level, making new features have been unlocked. Now I can pick up various performance bonuses in my villa, the tax collect at City Hall and Trading with other players over the depot. All that’s something drawn from gameplay but in the length. But as I know it and find the absolutely fine for a casual game. However, I have extremely get withdrawal symptoms, so I strongly on the PC again have to install the full city building game. Nevertheless, still follows next time a section on “too much Freemium?” At BuildIt.

SimCity BuildIt – Too Much freemium?

The history of SimCity BuildIt everyone knows. Whole generations played the title from Maxis. But stop?Why history? That sounds as if now the crowning of Tycoon creation succeeded? We want equal time check off at the beginning of this question. Because if something sucks, then there are stupid reviews, which does not know the difference between apples and pears.

So, once there was only a brown-green surface with blue lines. This is likely to be a landscape with river, which was at the beginning of the 90 in the first game of the genre can be seen not as accurate. The player saw that you can create three different types of 3X3 boxes over the menu and already was a small town was born, which was set with a coal power plant under power and flourished. Later everything was a bit more complex with water, different transport routes and free definable economic zones. The free Game History was what the players loved. The sat on PC also restricted so continues today, with ups and downs. The game has shaped and so it is not surprising that shortly after the release of SimCity many BuildIt are disappointed. There are waiting times, long even. There are social features, premium currency and no free building. All this together sounds to me as Appgamer damn typical and not disappointing at. Since there are hardly any exceptions to the simulation and strategy games for smartphones and tablets, in which the runs differently. And you look out over the individual voices of time, it looks not so bad. Especially on iOS the average is indeed just at three stars, on Android, the municipality F2P uncritical and even gives four stars.

Conclusion: In the negative scale long waits are in the production of goods, a tax credit of all 24 hours, and generally a sluggish game. The degrees of freedom of the original are completely absent. It tends to play a puzzle in which it comes to gather the right resources. All these points are quite dominant and sway me completely so on, that this is a mobile app for SimCity BuildIt. It is implemented skillfully and free playable (so far), and I have found no friendship coercion. All the goods I can even produce or find among citizens.

SimCity BuildIt Guide

At this point I’ll gather tips and tricks for city building game from Electronic Arts. If you have questions, then uses the comments. In general, the game is complete without notes playable, then it takes a little longer.

Get Free Simcash and Simmoleons by using this simcity buildit cheats

Beginners Guide to Level 10

Let’s start with the basics – currency and urban planning:

Currencies: Simoleons and SimCash available. The first currency can be relatively easily earned, the second currency is premium and available almost exclusively by purchase. SimCash is mainly spent damn fast, because for acceleration processes in factories and stores it requires no other confirmation.(Shall or build) Once you have built the town hall can, you come through taxes on Simoleons. Once you have the villa, there are limits for completing the missions also free SimCash. Here you are given rewards, if you have a certain population, a certain number of power plants and so on. Look through the rewards and you will find that you almost all almost automatically gets in an active gameplay and it does not have first legs. The only exception is probably the city’s success “Social City” for which you need to add friends in SimCity BuiltIt.

Urban Planning: Building construction types is almost always given you almost put on the nose. Only on placement you is left. Here, you should ensure that residential buildings and factories should not adjacent. The pollution from coal power plants reduces the growth of the residential areas. The radius of pollution you see as gray zone in the placement. Where have you placed on the limited area, is up to you.At the edge makes always good, since a page advance “clean” remains. Make sure that sufficient distance to residential areas exists. It is also important that the service building as firefighters and parks always cover many residential buildings. This saves you space and a lot of money. Certainly there are perfect blueprints. Later in the game, changes difficult. This is because that expands the streets. At first they are still free, but already the expansion to four lanes is expensive. Think about so well, how you get your cities to build. Just visit other players or NPC to be inspired you.

Tips for commodity production – help, here hämmerts!

Although Simoleons are always in short supply, but the real bottleneck is the goods . There are two types: manufacturable and collectable. The former initially include only wood and metal and the nails. Later in the game there are always more. Among the collectibles include the goods which give the residents, if they are satisfied, such as the stock camera and the padlock.

In two stages of production of products of the first category are manufactured and intended to improve the residential areas or in the port to load the ship (later in the game). If you have enough goods, which also has more money in his pocket. For more taxes are paid through the residential areas next to the upgrade time bonus there.

Both product types are closely related, because you can not produce unlimited – the camp sums initially only 40 units, after each upgrade then 10 more. For upgrade but the collectable objects are required. My SimCity BuildIt tip is this: Represents primarily only the goods here, which are required for the upgrade of Wohngebietet, avoids overproduction. Good experience I have done “Request New Plans” with the button, below which the right will appear in the respective menu for the building expansion. The wait is worth it when you for example has a full stock. After 30 minutes, the goods are often requested that you have in stock.

To get more cash always surplus goods on the world market it is advisable to offer over the trade portfolio. Why SimCity BuiltIt here has two buildings each for buying and selling, opens up not just for me.Looks well from simply beautiful. There are six spots available, more are available for SimCash. Each product can be sold, the collectibles, which are required for the extensions. I also sell to and locks and so on, because I quite often get by the inhabitants of my good work. Lol. My tip for Trade Depot:Surmounted from time to time the price for half the slots. There is always a buyer for the maximum price, guaranteed. When bought me several times the generic neighbor (ie the preset from the App friend of SimCity BuiltIt) my overpriced products when they are a few days in the depot. Whether ye can afford it, is your decision. Because at the same time you could even possibly other products sell cheaper. It is at least never needed the spot to clean up for a mock SimCash.

Tip: The expansion of factories – is the equivalent of the small factory by the simple factory and so on worth. This more slots will be unlocked, so that the production increases. So Buys new factories for Simleons and makes the old flat.

SimCity BuildIt Tip: The expansion of stores worth conditionally. The building “store for building supplies”, “hardware store” and “Farmer’s Market” each produce at the same time just a commodity.Accordingly, you can extend the active production time by purchasing additional slots for SimCash, but not the Output. This helps especially if you need to briefly look into the game and then play offline. Since the third slot only costs 4 SimCash, this convenience may be worth. You even start the game 50 SimCash.Basically, I’m trying to save but the premium currency, because you never know whether they are needed more urgently in the later game.

Golden Key are displayed in the top left under the symbol of the other two currency. This you get later in the game, so after level 10, if you have the Frachschiff-berth and even later when you must deal with disasters. The description of the special currency appears to you when you type on them. This can really no question unanswered: “You can earn gold keys by editing cargo deliveries or made ​​disasters-challenges! The golden key you need to buy the building for specialization. “

The construction of the port will cost you 10,000 Simoleons and takes over a day. Then you greeted the captain with his ship and wishes from you the supply of special goods. These appear to be selected completely random and not to be difficult. Similar to Farmville 2 with the pilot, this feature is implemented. You produce the goods either when the ship has arrived or beforehand. My tip for cargo port: Always sell, even if you can meet only two of the three orders the goods. It always brings good a cash, the prices seem fair. So tap “packaging” and either collect a golden key or at least cash. Are you a whole-part player, then you can before the ship returns listings and pre-produce the goods. Then you can sell them immediately upon arrival, get your golden key and then wait six hours to the next ship

Updates with new functions in SimCity BuildIt

SimCity will not remain exactly as it is published in a release. Almost all F2P games are enhanced by updates. Especially with EA which has almost become an integral part and already the expectations of the fans at Sims FreePlay. Accordingly I take care of you here always have information about the enhancements in the gameplay of the app.

Summer Update (06/23/15 / Version 1.4.4): Direct front of the water, where else, there is the latest update only the possibility to unlock the beach and then to cultivate with bonus buildings. How it all goes well and if it is worth buying with SimCash the key, you learn here in the detailed update items to the beach promenade .

Production Upgrade Update (07.28.15 / Version 1.5.5): produce more! What was a point of criticism since the release of the app for many, is addressed in this update a little. Because now you can upgrade factories. How to do this, you experience here in the articles on this SimCity BuildIt update .

WhatsApp: 18 tips and tricks that make the messaging app bearable

WhatsApp tips and tricks

500 million active users, send per day 700 million images, 100 million videos and up to 20 billion messages per day, despite all the controversies surrounding the Facebook takeover, resurgent rivals such as Line, Telegram and WeChat or recurring privacy issues remains the enormous growth of the messaging app unrestrained. To communicate with friends, family and colleagues digital, which rarely has the choice – WhatsApp has become in many of the standard.

1. Wallpaper: It sounds trite, but it is certainly a factor for success of WhatsApp, unlike other Apps: Users can personalize the background image and make it as in the app that dozens or even hundreds of times per day is called cozy. Free Wallpapers for WhatsApp, there are about here for Android or here for iPhone , but you can of course also set own pictures. Can change it under “Settings” -> “Instant messaging settings”.

2. Adjust Status message: “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp “is nahc as many contacts the messaging app. Here you can change this sentence, under “Options” -> “Status”. Permits are the way now also emoticons like smileys or the raised thumb.Since the set is visible by default for all other contacts, you should consider what is adequate. Who often chats with colleagues at WhatsApp, should not rather “have just drunk” or the like in tap.

3. broadcasting: WhatsApp is only for chatting in pairs or in small groups there?False, with the app you can also reach up to 250 contacts at a time. The function to say “Broadcast” and makes it possible to send a message to many people at once, without the recipient to see each other – similar to the BCC ( “Blind Carbon Copy”) in e-mails. Because the function is unfortunately often used for spam, you must first create a “broadcast list” and add any desired contact individually. Only the BBC it was allowed to date of WhatsApp to send to more than 250 contacts at a time: During the elections in India BBC India taught a a message service to provide people on the phone simply with information about the election can.

4. Edit number: A WhatsApp account is always linked to a mobile phone number that the user is uniquely identified and is in contact with other users. If you change its number (for example, the provider change), you have the WhatsApp report in time for its own account will be converted to the new number. These must still be active the old number, instructions for the various mobile operating systems can be found here .

5. Messages can be sharen: From Twitter ( “Retweet”) and Facebook ( “Share”) we know the parts of functions already, with the help of which postings can spread like wildfire on social networks. Even with WhatsApp messages can be the other sharen (eg, a funny video, photo or links): These long keeping his finger on the post and then sends it to a different chat further. Moreover, one can pass photos or videos to other social networks such as Facebook or Tumblr. These functions also show that WhatsApp is not necessarily just a private chat: Digital content can be easily also to other recipients, the one who made ​​the posting original, does not know. Online media like Buzzfeed or Vol.at set way to WhatsApp Share button , like Facebook’s Like-or Twitters Tweet button works similarly and allow the sharing news.

6. Auto Downloads correct: Who is using WhatsApp intensive, may have noticed that fills their own photo / video gallery on Smartphone fast with the obtained content. Because the app stores the received content automatically on the phone. Who does not want that, or only under certain conditions (WiFi, 3G, roaming), which sets the settings under “Media Car Download” according to its preferences.

7. Manage Notifications: WhatsApp can be quite annoying when a lot written in one or more groups – the smartphone plingt, hums and / or blinks without end. In setting the “Notifications” you can about Exhibit tones, vibration, or pop-ups that provide information on receiving messages. For many users, it makes the most sense to let the alerts only visually (the iPhone as a red Notification beads or Android as Notification on the top bar) show. If you “live” chats with someone, you can see anyway, whether the other is writing and white so that you receive a message in a few seconds.

8. Someone WhatsApp give: Because WhatsApp is intensively used by younger users, which no payment option via Google Wallet (requires a credit card advance) have or PayPal, users may give the WhatsApp fee other. The option is available under “contacts” and costs 89 cents for a year (or 2.40 euros for 3 years or 3.34 euro for 5 years).

9. “last online” hide: WhatsApp can cheat because other contacts can see by default when you were last in the app. Since then often follow accusations like: “You have to have yet seen a message, why did not you written back ?!” Luckily, you can this info under “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Last Online” -> “Nobody” exhibit.

10. Understanding the two tick correctly: Many WhatsApp users believe that two green check mark next to a message means that the recipient has read this. But this is wrong: How in the WhatsApp FAQ can read, it means the first hook, which has arrived at the message WhatsApp server, the second hook that the message to the smartphone of the receiver has been delivered. So who will face time with the accusation that they had not responded to a double check message can still argue to have this not even gelsen.

11 contacts to the Home screen: When you often communicate with one person, it may be convenient, this contact to be placed directly on the home screen of the smartphone – then you have not always WhatsApp specially open to access the chat. The feature can be found under “contacts” – “Select contact”> -> “Options” -> “Place on Home screen”. The profile photo of contact is then as an app icon appears on the home screen, a Tipper it leads directly to his or her profile with all contact information from the phone via email to provide WhatsApp.

12. nerve block contacts: Who wants some reason always block other WhatsApp users, this can under “Settings” -> “Privacy” – do> “Blocked Contacts”. Their messages then you get no longer be delivered, moreover, they do not see their own “last online” info or status messages. That one was even blocked by another user, you can only at these signs realize direct information about it are not.

13. WhatsApp on your desktop: In the official version WhatsApp can only be used on a smartphone, but not on the web or on a different computer. Anyone who wants to access the chats but still the desktop and has an Android phone with root access, which can with the service What Remote do. WhatsApp is then displayed in the browser, which can be praktishc when about office incidentally will send letters and it does not want to ever pick up the phone.

14. Old Chats anew phone: So how has earlier taken his SMS as mementos with anew cell phone, you can WhatsApp chats likewise transferred from one device to the other. The procedure is in any mobile operating system a bit different: With iPhones it runs about on iCloud, you have to at the Android back-up file, eg by means of microSD card or file transfer transferred from the old anew device. Chat histories from a BlackBerry, Nokia S40 or Windows Phone you can not transmit at the moment. Also from iPhone to Android or vice versa, unfortunately, does not work.

15. WhatsApp without the SIM card: In principle, a WhatsApp account is linked to a telephone number, making it difficult to use on a tablet. However, there is a trick: You can log in with a landline number. The SMS with the unlock code can thus not be received, but you can instead wait for the automatic call coming after about 5 minutes and in which a computer voice announces the code. For detailed instructions, there are here .

Listen 16. Voicemail softly voice messages are sent repeatedly at WhatsApp.When you hold the smartphone normal in hand, these audio messages are played in the currently set volume of the device over its speakers – what can hear about in the subway others. The simple solution: to Play Press, smartphone to your ear, and you can no longer hear the other.

Clear 17th WhatsApp: Who is tired of WhatsApp for one reason or another (Facebook takeover, news flows, data protection), his account can again delete, under “Settings” -> “Account” and “Delete Account”. Here also the chat history will be deleted and you will be removed from all WhatsApp groups, payment data remain according to terms for a further 30 days on the company servers. Only the app delete is not enough, because the account is maintained.

18. Alternatives: If you can not be without messaging app WhatsApp and turn back the can to (reasonably) safe alternatives like TextSecure , Telegram or threema dodge. The crux of the matter: You have to persuade his contacts from switching to these alternatives, and the fall may be difficult at 500 million active WhatsApp users.

Note: If you want to hack someone’s whatsapp number, you can do so with this link : whatsapp hacken


20 VoIP calls: On iPhone and Android you can WhatsApp now to call via the Internet (there are in this case not minutes, but only used data to) use. To start a conversation, you just enter the phone icon in the chat window. The called party needs in any case, the latest version of WhatsApp, which supports the telephone function. Fall every minute about one to one and a half megabytes of data.

About Clash of Clans tips, cheats and hacks


Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game anywhere in between the RTS and turn-based roaming. It grow up with your clan does a bit on titles like Farmville and Hay Day without thinking you are only concerned with the birds and the bees. Ultimately, there must also be a bit of fight and we will explain to you how you’d come back the best from this game.

First we download

Do you Clash of Clans of developer Supercell yet? Download it first at iTunes or Google Play . The game is both free. Versions for PC, Mac, are not yet. Or to come it is still unknown.

The purpose of Clash of Clans

The purpose of Clash of Clans is that of course you are going to be the most notorious player in the world and that your village also contains everything you can get in the game. The largest buildings, the strongest fighters and the sturdiest walls. Success!

optimum start

When you start, you immediately get a shield around your village. A shield prevents other players can attack you. You start shield gives three days protection. How you can make best use of these?

Build and grow

Because no one will fall in three days you get, I would give me the first two days no worry about the security of your village. Unless of course you’re overconfident and that one with a weak army will start fights online …

You start with a single site office for a construction worker, but to build a second almost immediately. Ideal.A third will cost 500 crystals. These crystals can be purchased with real euros, or very slowly earn in the game. Do you have enough patience, buy those green gems or not, but just wait until you have enough. You remember that the developer is doing his best to also earn some so that salaries can be paid ;-).

So start right away to build mines and elixir pumps. Gold and Elixir are the two commodities where it’s all about. Without these raw materials is not your village from the ground, but you can not produce troops.Because the storage capacity of the mines and pumps is limited, you should also gold vaults and build elixir tanks. By upgrading a timely manner, you do not really need much. Consider your namely that most attacks will focus on these stocks. So if you have two of them on the map, you’ve got to come out.

Want meanwhile still start fighting, you can do it offline. Due to attacks on the right to attack a troll camp, maintaining your shield. It also allows you to practice with your troops to break through different types of camps. Handy!

Day 3, the ideal starting defense

On the third day it will be interesting to build your defense. At the end of the day void your shield and then it does not take long before the first opponent tries to take your booty.

It is convenient to your stocks in the middle of the camp sites and pop then immediately a wall around it.The wall can be upgraded. Do this as soon as possible. When an opponent throws a Wall Breaker on a wooden wall, there is a hole in right away. 1,000 coins per wall, you can upgrade it to rock and from there you can make things even more. A stone wall is really the basis for a good defense.

Pop immediately to your wall down your guns and surrounded by other buildings. Yes, the chance that the enemy will soon demolish buildings is huge, but that’s okay. While enemy troops are on the demolition, your artillery will take them under fire. This gives you more time and opportunities to overcome the attacking army.

On the screenshot above you can see a beautiful model starting from a level 5 player. You can see that to replenish an inner state with a loose wall around the gun and City Hall. Where the inner wall adjacent to the outside of the village, he is already working on the strengthening of the walls. It will be one large wall, it would break the wall on a single spot, immediately expose the whole camp. Your enemies have only a short time to commit their attacks, so try to make things as difficult as possible.


But what fails when your defense? That will occur regularly. You get back a shield up to 16 hours to your camp going. This shield ensures that you can recover things. Restore is not much more work than simply logging into the game. Then you have plenty of time to adjust your defense. The game shows a clear repetition of the attack so that you can learn from this. Handy!


Careers in Clash of Clans you do by winning trophies. This gathering other players in their town hall. Yes, you too, so make ultimately that your hall is safe. As you win more trophies, your status grows enormously.To get the bronze division have you needed 400. Championclass owns 3,200 trophies.

As you win more trophies, the game will also put across difficult opponents. With only win not so war. Your village must continue to grow.

By providing your town hall upgrades you get more construction opportunities. Additionally, you can at the present time building the barbarian king and queen archers. These can not only attack others, but also protect your village. Handy!

Building Troops Power

In the barracks, it is possible to produce all the basic forces. In the beginning, you really only need one barracks. So do not waste too much resources.

Forces you train, are housed in the training camp. This has a certain capacity, eg 25. A simple barbarian housing takes one point. There you there so you 25 to make, but you quickly win no wars anymore. A giant is also quite interesting, but who needs 5 accommodation places while a wall breaker should have two.

So you go quickly to a second camp and remember to upgrade them so they contain more housing points.

The troops can be equipped with upgrades. This gives them more clout, but also better shields. For this you need to build a laboratory for example. A first upgrade easily cost 50,000 elixir, but it’s worth it.

In addition to a lab, you can also build a factory spell. Besides conducting research to strengthen your troops, do these little else.

dark forces

You’re advanced, you can inflate dark elixir with special pumps. These should also in special containers. By building on a dark barracks, you can train and dark forces that are very much stronger.

Get more free gems

Although you can buy gems, there are other ways to get free of gemstones. To allow your village many trees, stones, flowers and other unwanted stuff. Demolish that bite! It will cost you some gold and elixir, but every now and then you get free gems in return. This number runs smoothly on.

Every now and then there is also a large pot of gems in your field. With accompanying rain loop. A beautiful sight and very likely it is worthwhile to bring your hardhat work to clean up the pot. But then you have so 25 additional gems in your pocket. You Can Use This Clash Of Clans gems hack tool to get free Gems, Gold & Elixirs.

Benefits of a clan

To get to a clan, you have to build the clan castle. This will cost you 40,000 gold pieces and a lot of hours of work.

The advantage of a clan, is that you can strengthen each other for example by sending troops to another. In addition, you can discuss mutually tactics. Since all players are stronger.

Clash of Clans Cheats

Really cheating in Clash of Clans seems impossible. Every now and then there is a bug in the game that allows abuse. Developer Supercell will then soon with updates for the game. Because everything is online, Supercell can reverse certain actions. Want to be the first to know about bugs that are exploited to grow quickly in the game, it is convenient to the forums of Clash of Clans to monitor.

Clash of Clans Hacks

We see that there is much wanted to hacks for Clash of Clans. There are many sites that claim to have good hacks to add instance gems to your account. Because Clash of Clans contains an online transaction system, this type of fraud (the gems are a virtual currency, so you call it that) to track smoothly. If it is already possible to manipulate the system.

What do the many hacks then? Clash of Clans hacks are especially popular among hackers, etc. to spread viruses. So be extremely careful and check first in Google or large groups of users are confirming that something works.

Latest Game From Supercell : Clash Royale

Supercell announced its new Game Clash royale, which is basically card strategy game. We are including two awesome sites from where you can get free gems gold and elixirs. 1. clash royale hack 2. clash royale hacken

10 tips for beautiful experience FIFA 16 players


EA has released many tips for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, but it hurts a little edge never, therefore we are going to list some tips to help you play well in the new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft mode and Building a finely tuned squad. FUT Draft is the latest addition to the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team will test your team building skills as you choose the best fit for each position of a five-player draw. Let us explain 10 awesome tips for your beautiful FIFA 16 Gaming Experience.

10. Knuckleball Freekick

The “knuckleball” or the “falling leaf” is a way of taking free kicks, the ball goes high over the wall and then very suddenly begins to sink or makes a strange twist. Just think of Cristiano Ronaldo and goals from Kevin De Bruyne in Andorra and at home against Israel. In FIFA 16 you use this technique best on a free kick about 25 meters from the goal. Aim your shot so that the outer wall player in the flush state of the pole and aim between the two players in the outer wall. During the stairs hold L1 (Play Station) / LB (XBox) pressed. For added effect you move with the left stick, for extra power you hold the left stick upwards.

9. Fake Pass

a fake pass’ is a very effective feint, where in you have to have fast thumbs. Briefly press the shoot button, and then as soon as possible pass button. That way you put to fake the defense in the wind by a shot / pass. It is important to utilize the space is released as soon as possible with a gearbox, shot or pass true.

8. Sweater pull

With this method you can slow an attacker do much but pull sweater rather quickly punished in the game. So use it not too long and certainly not within the sixteen or players who have already booked. If the attacker’s gear deployment, follow him and pressure while X / A. If you then press O / B button, you pull on his sweater.

7. Dummy Pass

This too is a kind of feint, these must be used when the pressure is high, but there is still room in the back. If you are being played, then hold just before receiving the pass R1 / RB button. The ball will pass through the legs, and the players running and the action can continue. This way you can pass a defender without touching the ball.

6. Jockeying

In this way the defense is about ensuring defender to make it as broad as possible and to keep the attackers out of harm. The way is pretty simple: just hold LT / L2 button and aim you to the attacker. In this way it becomes more difficult to dribble the defender and can put yourself or shots easier afblokken.

5. Teammate containers

Especially when you’re at a disadvantage, it is important to put pressure on the ball as much as possible when defending. But it is very difficult to do this without giving away too much space. With teammate containers you can defend at the same time with two players. By R1 / RB hold during the defense, the player who is closest to the ball, except the player you control yourself, put pressure on the attacker with the ball. Very efficient when you’re on the right used way. And that is through your own player’s playback capabilities are trying to hold tight while your team mate simply going to put pressure on the ball. Be aware of the space that comes free in the back of the defenders.

4. Celebrate with camera and banking

FIFA 16 was again working hard on ways in which goals can be celebrated. Now you can even provoke interaction with the cameraman or the substitutes. The way is pretty simple, just by walking to a camera or the bank. FIFA will then automatically perform a dance of joy. When you have scored with a clumsy player, try to L2 / LT to hold and push the right stick to the left twice.

3. Loop lines at corners

The corner kick is an important weapon, also in FIFA 16. It is not always easy to get quite an appropriate topper, for that you can rely on the standard loop lines. Due to a corner pushing down on the D-pad (arrows), are there are four tactics. So you can choose where the Koppers going to walk and it is easier to place your ball. You can practice this best ever before using them in an important match.

2. Scorpion Kick

A great way to finish with the attacker to dive for the ball and finished with his heel. However, this trick is not given to everyone. Only players who ‘Flair’, as a specialty, such as Zlatan or Neymar, will carry them to. When will a suitable ball, then hold L2 / LT button, the attacker will create an unprecedented action.

1. Rabona Freekick

When Rabona the player kicks the ball with his foot behind the leg, which makes for very spectacular goals. Rabona on a free kick is fantastic to see, all depends on FIFA 16 a special condition attached to it. Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player who can perform it. It also succeeds also only on a free kick to the left of the goal. Ideally, a free kick into the half moon. Hold the left stick right button and push down on stairs. With luck you score a goal where the opponent can only watch with drooling at the mouth.

What you can do with the new Snap Chat update

Snapchat tips and tricks

Snap Chat  has received a major update and spoiler alert: it’s awesome. The update comes with many new options, such as tools for selfies, in-app purchases, a trophy case and more.Let’s see then what you can do with it.

Selfie tools

Perhaps the most important and coolest addition is selfie tools. The so-called lenses ensure that you can give your selfies variety of special effects. If you are creating a selfie, keep your finger on your face. At the bottom is a row of special effects. Follow the instructions and voila, selfies 2.0. And it works not only photos but also videos!

There are now seven effects, but according to Snap Chat there will be many more. There might even be one effect per day to come for all your needs selfie. Avalon performs as before:

For best results, you should look straight into the camera and you may need to take off your glasses. The lenses have see about trouble with the difference between glasses and eyeballs.

Friend emojis improved

Vriendenemojis which we have for a while, but now there is an easy guide. Snap Chat move emojis with the people you like the snapshot to describe your relationship with them. Sliced ​​so that you now know exactly what it all means. You can find it in your settings (upper right when you get down swipet). Under the heading of additional services, manage state. Then press emojis friend and tada!

Additional replays

How irritating is it that you Snaps only once a day to see again? Yes, horribly annoying. But Snap Chat has found a solution, even though not everyone will be completely satisfied with it.You can now buy new because replays.

But even with the paid replays you Snaps repeat once, so you should use them or at separate Snaps.

Trophy Case

A somewhat idler but no less funny addition, the trophy case. If you go down swipet, you’ll see at the top of a cup. For each performance, for example to reach a certain score or use a particular function, you get a trophy in the shape of an emoji.

What you do about it? It seems that you have absolutely nothing to get, except of course the satisfaction and honor. Here you will find a list of all emojis you can get. As with the lenses Snap Chat will likely add more trophies, so you always have something to Snap.

Snapchat Account Hack

If you want to get access to your Girlfriend’s number or anyone else’s you can check this comment pirater snapchat gratuit link.